Trimming the Tree

Alas, it is officially the Christmas season. I spent yesterday decorating the tree and fireplace mantle, and even found a few cute new ornaments at the grocery store of all places! Houses are adorned with lights, including the mammoth Christmas tree outside of work. Today, I glanced out the window to see carolers and sleigh rides passing by on the street. It truly is a magical time of year.
Every few years, it's nice to change up the tree colours and ornaments, but it seems that this year, anything goes! I've seen a lot of blues, whites and silvers in magazines, but I think there's something to be said for sentimental ornaments, like the homemade ones from preschool or the family heirlooms on the tree. Country Living had a great slideshow of Christmas decorations, and they definitely got me inspired!

I hope these photos also get you excited about this wonderful time of year! Happy decorating!

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