Lots of catching up to do...

It's been a very busy few months...and it's turned me into a lazy blogger. In December, I began a new position in Toronto and I couldn't be happier. It's an opportunity to work on incredible residential projects that I hope to share here once they're all finished!

In the mean time, my Favourites folder is filling up with great finds from the past two months. I can't resist sharing them...

Sculpture by Bruno Catalano
Absolutely fascinates me

I've been eyeing her pieces for some time...but I can't seem to pick just one.

A little taste of France here in the city. I met a good friend here for dinner (following her recommendation!) and was so impressed.

Crazy (crazy!) for Darryl Carter's interiors.
Stopping by Amazon when I'm finished this post because I can't stand not having his book on the shelf any longer.
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