The Secret's Out

Here's an embarrassing confession: I sometimes watch Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. There, I said it. Its not that I intentionally run to watch it as soon as it starts, but in a moment of boredom, it can be mildly entertaining.

Recently, I noticed how beautiful their house is! It has modern glamour with colour here and there, and it makes a great "set" for the show. Once I began searching online, I noticed that her style is far different from that of their last home. I apologize for my brutal honesty, but the last place was horrible (with the exception of the kitchen, which I do like). Take a look at these pictures and tell me what you think:

Since they moved from their Westwood home, they've gone for a more subtle (thankfully) decorating approach, and I think it suits them perfectly. I love the soft blues, whites and even the mirrored cubes in the living room.

Unfortunately I had a bit of trouble finding a good variety of photos, but hopefully you've got the jist of it! At least now you have a respectable excuse for watching the show...

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