Not Your Grandmother's China

I know that "investing in good china" is not something that we (the younger generation...) pride ourselves in, but after seeing the blogosphere go crazy for Target's new collaboration with Liberty of London (for example), I couldn't help but share Eloquent Ink's beautiful pieces.

Handcrafted in the US, Eloquent Ink uses 23 karat platinum and gold on vases, bowls, plates and platters that are incredible works of art. They are food safe, but I don't think I could bare to actually use them! I think they'd be gorgeous in a beautiful display cabinet, hung on a wall or mounted in a shadow box. And with wedding season around the corner, I think it's a great gift!

Remember this episode of Sarah's House 2? She framed inexpensive parrot plates in shadow boxes for artwork....love it.


At Least I'm Consistent

Apparently fashion trends dictate up-and-coming decor styles up to two years in advance. I, for one, have taken that theory to the extreme. I've started trying to dress like the rooms I'd love to live in and design.

Halter by One Vintage; All interior photos are Kara Mann's work

Tonight I was doing a little window shopping (starting with net-a-porter.com, and always finishing at forever21.com). After overflowing online shopping bags with dreamy and realistic purchases, I realized my style was noticeably mimicking the interior style of a designer I greatly admire - Kara Mann.

This young designer has had the career of my dreams. Since opening her firm Kara Mann Design in 2005, Kara's work has been published by leading design magazines and she has been appointed a Vogue 100 member. In 2007, she opened her first showroom in Chicago - KARA MANN, LTD. Her interiors are dramatic and sexy, and her use of symmetry and moody lighting have created her signature style.

I'm no fashionista, but if I may....here are a few pieces I'd love to wear, and the Kara Mann spaces I'd love to wear them in. Enjoy!

Mike & Chris jacket

Forever21 dress

Forever21 skirt (and $8.99, I might add...)

Forever21 top

Stella McCartney Lace Mini Dress (I melt.)


Colour Alert Circa 2008

Pear, yellow-green, pea soup. Call it what you like. I'm loving chartreuse green.

I know this isn't a groundbreaking post (I needed a break from those) considering design magazines have been pushing the colour since 2008, but colours this brave take some getting used to. I was once feeling confident enough to pull a chartreuse cardigan up to my face in a store. Apparently it's not my colour, but I'm sure it would look great in my house. Or in flowers.

Here's what I've found to fix my addiction.

Celerie Kemble

Celerie Kemble


Lara Flynn Boyle's home, as featured in InStyle.

Great Jonathan Adler tray.

Why not...there are too many black Porsche's out there already anyways...

Unlabeled photos are attached to link (click to see address).


This Is London

A few months ago, I signed up for the GOOP newsletter - the very chic brainchild of Gwyneth Paltrow. It's a look at the finer things in life, like 5-star hotels around the globe and trendy restaurants serving the latest raw-organic-vegan-environmental-detoxing (did I get them all?) foods fit for a queen. I particularly love Gwyneth's travel recommendations, as it lets my mind wander to locations I'd love to see and hotels I'd like to...........see the lobby of.

Hotels like The Connaught in London, England are the ultimate design inspiration. Unlike many neutral magazines and home decorating shows, they push the envelope with colour and texture. I'm going to have to do a running commentary on this one...

Welcome to The Connaught.

The curved velvet sofas, classic lamps and incredible entertainment console....I'm in love.

Oh, Romeo...

I love the sophisticated-beachy feel that this suite has. The tall beams and curtained bed frame give this room great scale, but I think I'll pass on the two psychedelic chairs.

This chair, on the other hand, is so very Celerie Kemble (note: my favourite).

I'm adding this to my "Welcome to the Jungle" post. How did I ever forget about the sweetness of potted herbs for a kitchen?

Probably the closest I'll ever get to it...

Why thank you, Theodore.

I love the simplicity of this suite.

I love it all, including that amazing bath tub and nautical window/medicine cabinet.

The lamps are what won me over in this...

This bar and lounge area is such an unusual mix of colour, texture and pattern. I also love this space (primarily for its gray, rather than brown, walls).

Those bar stools are a piece of art.

Theodore, I change my mind. I'll take one of these.
Oh yes, and that countertop is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

It's a little blurry, but isn't the finish on the fireplace stunning! If this is what afternoon tea looks like, count me in.

All photographs courtesy The Connaught website.

Happy travels!
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