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Well, as promised, I did visit the One of a Kind show this morning! I was in a bit of a hurry, but I went first thing and overall I really enjoyed it! It reminded me how many people have great ideas and actually go out and start their own businesses! It definitely takes a lot of perseverance, especially when things aren't strong economically, so I have to give them all credit.

There were so many innovative products at the show, and they had a great mix of clothing, jewelry, bath and body, food and art. I know this blog is SUPPOSED to be about ideas for the home, but bare with me for this one post! I found some amazing gift ideas that I want to share with you!

Luved Clothing
Not only does their clothing follow trendy styles and use comfy material, everything is one size fits all! Don't worry, you petite little things, you won't look like you're drowning in fabric. Their styles wrap, tie and hang in such a way that you will look effortlessly chic. Also, each piece is pre-washed and available in a variety of colours. A few of my favourites...

this is J
Being so obsessed with fabric, I love seeing new prints and designs whether they're on sofas or clothing. This is J creates custom designs and then hand-prints them onto adorable items like headbands, mitten cuffs and "p. jammers". All of their pieces are very yoga-inspired, and the colours and prints are so unique. The hats, gloves and scarves are the perfect gift for the active (and stylish) women on your list.

If you're lucky enough to have a cute little one to buy for this year, I have found the best handmade baby gift ever (at least I think so...)! Raplapla is a company based out of Montreal that makes contemporary rag dolls and animals that have so much character, it's hilarious. They have even created little profiles for each doll, like "Mathilde is a dance teacher from Istanbul. She gives classes in tap-dancing and loves spicy bread and meringues. She has a blue and green bird tattooed on her shoulder."

I've always been a huge jewelry lover. It's one of my favorite souvenirs while traveling and I think it makes a great gift. Erin Tracy's display stood out from so many others today because of her contemporary style - not to mention that she couldn't have been nicer! I absolutely love her merge rings, which are individual rings of gold, silver and acrylic that stack and do not use a traditional stone or diamond in the setting. I highly recommend you take a look at her website (I had some trouble getting photos!).

Eles designs by Laura Serrafero
I must be crazy about the brushed gold and silver jewelry that's out there, because I also loved Laura Serrafero's display. She offers a beautiful selection of rings, bracelets and earrings (to name a few) that are timeless and feminine.
I hope that you had some faith that I would indeed find a few nice things for the home! One of the first pieces I noticed in the main display was a beautiful wood coffee table by KinoGuerin. Made in Quebec, their furniture is sleek and contemporary and uses woods and veneers to create amazing contrast. The approach behind the work is to find equilibrium, and I think their pieces are the perfect balance of practicality and modernity.

Morin Choiniere

This was actually the first item in the show that I really fell in love with. Morin Choiniere is also based out of Montreal, and they design the most impressive candle holder/wall fireplace I have seen. It would be perfect in a condo or apartment, or even a living or dining room that doesn't have a traditional fireplace. With only two hooks and a few tealights required, I think this product tops the list of my finds from today.

You still have time to visit the show if you're interested! Visit One of a Kind for more information...and inspiration.


Karena said...

Hi Jenna

Wow I am so impressed with all that you found!! I can't wait to check out their sites!!

Come and join my Giveaway from Blydesign!

Art by Karena

Jenna said...

Thank you Karena! I had wanted to make it back this year but unfortunately didn't have time. Will definitely visit your blog - thanks for the comment :)

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