Since I'm an Avid Reader...

I seem to have a small obsession with collecting beautiful design books lately. It started with Celerie Kemble's To Your Taste, then Home By Design, then Modern Glamour...and tonight, I fell for another beautiful picture book. I'm sure it has words in it, but truthfully, they will not be read. Unless I don't understand something in the picture.

I have admired Suzanne Kasler's website and design work for a long time (and still anxiously await her textiles collection!). Her interiors are elegant and timeless, and I love the way she uses colour. Bright red books on a shelf, a turquoise vase on a mantel; her look is feminine and clean. There are so many beautiful photographs in her book Inspired Interiors! It is definitely a must-have if you share her style!

Of course, when I'm not drooling over these glamorous design books, they sit openly on my nightstand. Even the bindings are a thing of beauty..........or at least Lonny says so:
If you have the luxury of owning stacks of colourfully-bound books and plenty of spare time, I keep seeing these colour-coordinated bookshelves and stare in envy every time. To me, it's like a piece of art.
Of course, the time and patience this "art" requires is beyond my realm. In these moments, I pile my collection in no particular order and remind myself that being "eclectic" is okay, too.
*Photos in this post taken from Lonny Magazine, Suzanne Kasler, etc.

On The Agenda

It's that time of year again!

The One of a Kind show is holding their "Spring Edition" this weekend at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. If you're close by or looking for plans for this supposedly BEAUTIFUL Easter weekend, I highly recommend checking out the show! Back in November, I visited and wrote about some of my favourite booths (remember this post?). If you're really interested in unique jewellery or unique children's items, they have great stuff!

And yes, I still have the hilarious Raplapla doll photo on my idea board.


I've Been Lost in the Woods

I realize I've neglected this blog for the last couple of weeks and it's time to get back at it! I find that if I don't REALLY love something or feel excited about it, it's extra hard to blog about it......but I've found something I really, really love again:
I know, you're wondering if I'm crazy, or a bohemian nature-worshipper, or maybe wondering what rock I just came out from under. This Cole & Son Woods wallpaper has been popular for a little while already (I do realize....) but the other day a client requested it for her kitchen and it made me think a little harder about it. At first I wondered if she was crazy, and then I thought this was the greatest (and most original) wallpaper I'd seen in a while.

For something so contemporary and unusual, it's surprisingly versatile. I've found some great applications below...and I promise, next time it won't be two weeks between posts.


Springtime in Paris

France is a place you never forget. Since visiting a few summers ago, I feel like I've been having a dreamy love affair with anything French or Parisian that conjures up memories of that trip.

I was so pleasantly surprised this morning to see that {this is glamorous} had posted these stunning photographs by Liz Rusby. I'm in absolute awe of how beautifully she's captured the romantic mood and soft light of Paris. I can't imagine that there's a place more beautiful in spring than Paris. Sigh.

So if you can't live there, I say bring a little home. French Style at Home: Inspiration from Charming Destinations is an amazing decorating reference by Sebastien Siraudeau. With the same soft lighting that Rusby has so wonderfully used, Siraudeau describes the interior styles of various regions throughout France.

When I first saw a copy on my boss' desk, I couldn't wait to take a quick look through. Now, I can honestly say I've looked at it about 20 times - sometimes for design ideas, sometimes to reminisce; always loving France.

Also - Liz Rusby also has an etsy shop! Check it out here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LizRusby
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