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A few weeks ago, our rendering instructor gave us our final project: design a hotel suite from the ground up (well, we did get a floor plan). I quickly decided that New York City glamour would be perfect for this space, and I've had so much fun choosing furniture, accessories and designing millwork that will make this space suitable for even the pickiest socialite. When it came to sofas and coffee tables, I kept coming back to the master of furniture design: Barbara Barry.

I've had to stop myself from creating somewhat of a Barbara Barry showroom, although I don't believe that would be a bad thing. She uses classic, simple lines to create extraordinarily elegant pieces, and her design philosophy is equally as inspiring: "Design is a dialogue; a constant interaction between living spaces, the people that inhabit them and the nature that surrounds them both". She continually references the importance of making interiors suitable to their external environment, and her latest project may be her best example yet.

When a Wyoming couple approached Barbara to design their dream home in Jackson Hole from scratch, she decided to draw on the natural colours in the landscape, like ivory, sage and blue. Veranda has published this beautiful article and slideshow, but here are a few of my favourites!

These gorgeous home photos were taken by David Meredith.

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