DIY Project

Okay, so I haven't got around to actually making this DIY project yet, but I think it's such a great idea that I plan on making one in the new year!

My Mom recently pointed this article out in her Canadian Living magazine, where a number of easy DIY crafts were listed. She quickly thought of me when she saw a way to use "those leftover fabric samples". Could it be because I have laundry baskets, Tupperware and shopping bags filled with leftover memos that I can't bare to part with? They're in the garage, my bedroom and probably lingering in the trunk of my car. I've thought of making toss pillows, but they're always just slightly too small. But a quilt - they might just be the perfect size!

In whatever colours, patterns or layout you like, Canadian Living suggests sewing the pieces together (here's hoping my minimal sewing skills suffice) and backing it with one large piece of fabric. What I love so much about this idea is it's easy, eco-friendly and every throw is unique. I've noticed a huge trend for "down home" decor lately - country floral, rustic upholstery and flea market collections, and I think this really touches on that. Hopefully I'll get to work over the holidays and have a beautiful throw to share with you all in the New Year! Happy sewing!


m. elle design

I discovered the genius design work of m. elle design last night by fluke, and now I'm completely obsessed! I was debating ordering a subscription to Elle Decor, when a stunning image of a rustic chic dining setting popped up on my screen (last photo shown here). Loving the tall bookshelves, dark colours and linen slip covered chair, I just had to see more!

m. elle design is the New York-based mother-daughter firm that has mastered the art of rustic charm without looking commercial or overdone. Their use of unfinished wood, rough stone, charcoal gray trim and linen creates my absolute dream cottage/chalet/house/anything. I can only imagine how gorgeous these homes are this time of year, with Christmas trees up, crowded kitchens and a light snowfall out the window.
To read more about m. elle design and their own family home (and first project) in Idaho, click here (design) and here (article).

All images from m. elle design and Elle Decor.



Saw these beautiful images of Jessica Alba from the latest ELLE Magazine, and can't help but love the soft shades of pink, palm tree setting and her natural glow. As the queen of neutral, this is enough to inspire me to open the door to colour - pink, in particular.

Trina Turk through Schumacher offers these delicious watermelon trellis and punchy Super Paradise prints.

I can't think of one Jim Thompson fabric I don't love, but his Benjarong collection is so very Jessica Alba.
Loving this bedding from Ada & Darcy.

Beautiful image by Michael Paul via This Is Glamorous.

Stunning Emilio Pucci printed cotton-voile sarong via Net-A-Porter.

Jonathan Adler magnetic board (when it looks this pretty, who cares what it does?). Gift giving ideas at Zhush.Quite simply, I just really want this frilly and sweet bathing suit (Jessica Alba-like or not). JETS by Jessika Allen via Net-A-Porter.



I've got big dreams for this design career of mine; some unrealistic, and a handful more plausible. I'd love to own my own business, design for clients around the world and eventually return to school to teach the next generation of decorators. On the days when I feel like I'm going nowhere fast, I let my mind wander a little and try to remind myself that all things come in due time. Sometimes just reading about a successful designer who has made it to the top is enough to get me back on track again.

Take Kristie Strasen, for example. After 20 years in the design industry, working with the likes of Robert Stern and Barbara Barry, Strasen's ventured into new territory (as of 2006) - textile design. As the founder of Place Textiles, Kristie has extended her knowledge and passion for high-end upholstery fabrics into her own line based out of NYC. Place Textile's signature is their use of colour and texture as opposed to bold pattern. One touch of the fabric below (the photo doesn't do it justice), and I was in love. Its soft, fuzzy texture and subtle use of pattern give it an exotic, earthy feel. Suddenly, I sort of want to be a textiles designer too.


Design Within Reach

I just discovered this amazing design resource, Design Within Reach!

"Design Within Reach is your source for the best in modern design, from iconic mid-century works to innovative items designed today. "

They offer trade & contract pricing, COM, custom options and so much more!!


The Problem with Growing Up

Stuck in London's Heathrow Airport for four hours on my way home from France, there was nothing I wanted to do more (or could do) then sit down and read a magazine. Or five. So I grabbed a few shelter mags, a few magazines with ground-breaking dating discoveries (lies), and dosily plunked down in a chair in search of new things.

These dollhouse ads for John Lewis (supposedly a large department store in the UK) caught my eye in the UK Elle Decor. As a former dollhouse-obsessed youngin', anything miniature still gets me excited (okay, there are a few obvious exceptions...). I thought it was super clever and decided to google John Lewis when I got home.

Please watch this video, but be warned, it will likely bring a tear to your eye. I'm a closet fan of Elton John, Billy Joel and Don Henley (now outed), so the song choice alone was amazing.

Since their print ad got me all excited about children's toys and gifts ('tis the season), I made it my mission to find 2010's greatest dollhouse. And I most definitely did. This Modernist Dollhouse by Global Home NY makes my 20-something self wish I was a kid again.

Welcome to the Emerson Residence. With six rooms, sliding patio doors and plenty of natural lighting, this home is suited for any little one who can't get enough of playing house. Most importantly, this dollhouse is made of all non-toxic materials, lead-free wood AND (this is a big deal) has solar powered LED lights. Since Fisher Price or Barbie furniture from previous homes will not transition well in this space, Global Home sells coordinating modern furniture.

Oh, to be a kid again!
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