'Tis the Season...Almost

Photo by Paulo Guerrinha.

This morning, as I hurried to work, I turned the corner to find the world's largest Christmas tree proudly sitting in the center of the courtyard. I'm not typically my most observant self first thing in the morning, but this tree could not be missed. After assuring myself that this tree was not something I had obliviously walked past daily for the last few months, my terrible estimating skills put it at about 25'. I guess this means that Christmas is on its way.

I'm actually quite excited to see these signs of Christmas popping up here and there, be it in beautiful store windows or magically appearing trees. Christmas has always been my favourite holiday, and I love the decorating, cooking, eating and gift wrapping that it involves.

My mind is bursting with Christmas post ideas that I look forward to sharing as the season gets closer, but for this slightly premature holiday post, I'd like to stick to Christmas cards.

I know that for most people (truthfully, I'm one of them), sending Christmas cards has become a thing of the past. I think of my Mom sitting at the kitchen table, writing to old friends and family. But sometimes a "Merry Christmas" email or facebook message doesn't have the personal touch that a holiday like Christmas demands. I have two beautiful ideas: not-your-typical ready-to-buy Christmas cards, or for the Martha Stewart types, a few ideas you can try yourself.

I say, if you're going to bother sending something, make sure it's unique and not just from a box of assorted cards. Many crafty people have started their own businesses making greeting cards, and Etsy is a great source for handmade crafts like these.

I love LouellaPress' double-use idea. She has created these beautiful round cards that can be hung as ornaments afterwards...and really, its in good time. Gone are the days of taping cards around doorways!

Lockette makes these fantastic contemporary Winter Berry note cards. They're a beautiful change from the traditional red and green. It must be the decorator in me that loves them, because it's actually fabric! They're almost worth framing!

Paper Hearts Card Co. has designed these adorable scalloped Christmas cards that have a really rustic feel. Julie Cameron makes beautiful cards for every occasion with lots of pop-ups and jewels - very cute.

For something more whimsical, and not to mention GREEN, Night Owl Paper Goods has the most fantastic birch Christmas cards and tags. These Pup Warm Fuzzy cards are both youthful and unique.
If you prefer something more traditional, Luxe Paperie has designed this gorgeous Pear Tree card set. How very elegant!

If you're a DIY-er who loves the charming style of Night Owl's cards, create your own! They sell round tags with imprints of their Christmas designs so that you can design your own card.

Back to my obsession with fabric, and wallpaper, or anything leftover around the house. Lockette has also designed these adorable reindeer and tree cards with fabric cutouts. There are so many beautiful papers, wallpapers and fabrics available now that would look great on Christmas cards. Sometimes even the simplest cards are perfect.

I really admire the creative entrepreneurs like those found on Etsy, so take a browse through some of their products or let them inspire you to create your own!

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