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Everyone has those days. You know, the ones when you wake up and just have nothing creative in you; life is just a routine. These are sometimes Monday's for me. Or Friday's before long weekends.

For me, one of the wonderful (and challenging) things about this field is the need to constantly be thinking creatively and proposing new ideas. When people are paying you for your ideas, it's hard to have an "off day". So where do you go for inspiration when you're just not feeling it? What makes you want to design again, or gets you excited about your latest project? Maybe you go for coffee, listen to your playlist, exercise or read a magazine. Here are a few things I love that usually get me back on my feet again...and no, exercising is not on this list.

Web developer Tere Arigo has created this inspiring blog called Thresca that incorporates beautiful photography, quotes and work from other artists.

Aren't these hazy shots beautiful! I'd love to try painting something with the same effect.

She has such an eye for seeing beauty in such simple things, and is clearly a very skilled photographer.

Another amazing photography website (that Tere sometimes features on her blog) is Paper Tissue. They have an amazing assortment of photographs that people have uploaded from Flikr accounts. Here are some of my favourites from November:

calico courtney brooke's photostream

Another really great creative resource is fabric. Sometimes just one look at a beautiful fabric and I've got a whole room designed in my head. For the even dreamier moments, a look through designer websites show up-and-coming trends, like Ralph Lauren's spring collection. A girl can dream!

If you're still stuck in a rut, I've got one last idea. Dream up your next vacation (throw the budget idea out the window...this is for inspiration!). Sites like Luxury Travel Magazine showcase the most incredible hotels from all around the world.

These photos are from Kenyan and Moroccan hotels that I absolutely love (I have always wanted to visit Africa!)

If all else fails, just take the day off.

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