A Beautiful Surprise: The Reveal

I'm a day late, but I saved the best collection for last! Combining purples, floral, embroidery and cotton weaves, this fresh and feminine Deauville line has given new life to the linen blends and toile de jouy that is all too familiar.

If you're equally as in love with these Beautiful Surprise collections, I won't keep you from exploring their website any longer. Soleil Bleu is manufactured by Wellmann, a German textiles company founded in 1919. Capitalizing on the popularity of french design, Soleil Bleu's four harmonious collections (sweetly named Saint Honore, Ballerina, Chateau and Deauville) not only look incredible, they feel like heaven!

A Beautiful Surprise: Part III

I am so in love with these last two collections from my surprise inspiration (I'll reveal the name and website tomorrow!). They symbolize everything up-and-coming in the world of interior design - feminine patterns, stripes, soft pastels with vibrant hues, shiny silks mixed with plush velvets. This collection has such elegance. It is a call to traditional values, living in luxury and abundance.

While this life of interior decadence may not be for everyone, it certainly makes me appreciate pieces that are rich in history and meaning. I would be lying if I didn't mention that it also makes me ridiculously excited to visit Versailles in a few weeks, in all its opulent glory!

Back tomorrow with the last surprise!

A Beautiful Surprise: Part II

Set against warm wood in a glamorous french train, my new inspiration has old-world sophistication. Enjoy these photographs of the second textiles collection, and I will be back tomorrow with more beautiful things.

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