Window Shopping Never Hurt Anyone

I never used to be interested in antiques. In fact, when I was young I was particularly keen on having things as clean and new as possible (that sounds much more snobbish than it should).

I remember admiring a friend's home who had all IKEA furniture, and thinking "meh" to the home of a family that collected antiques. I once suggested to my Mom that we use our Club Z points to buy a new blender, simply because it looked newer. And food; that's where I get particularly stingy. There's a 90% chance I won't drink milk from your house. Don't take it personally.

As I've grown up, and particularly since I decided I was interested in this field, I've begun appreciating the new with the old. The modern lamp on an antique table. A Louis chair (not the ghost kind) in a simple bedroom. A new bag of milk in a vintage container. There's charm, character and history in antiques that cannot be found in your run-of-the-mill IKEA catalog. So, I began browsing the St. Lawrence Market and now shop on the internet for something unique, too. Take a look at my latest favourite finds...

From English Country Antiques

From Treillage Ltd

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