Oh, Oprah

Oprah released a few articles on the homes of famous women, and I have to say I was a little disappointed! With the likes of Laura Bush, Marg Helgenberger and Kate Spade, I envisioned elegance, sophistication and colour. Not quite...let's just say it was a more simplistic approach.

On the other hand, clothing designer Eileen Fisher had an equally simple home, but it evokes such a beautiful, serene feeling. In fact, it reminds me a bit of the house I posted a few months back by Barbara Barry. This look feels so achievable - light, creamy walls and rich flooring. Symmetry, fine mill work and a touch of greenery all come to mind. It's a beauty.

On the other hand, this one didn't slip away. Oprah also showcased a very daring home, and appropriately titled it "Where the Wild Things Are". I'm sensing Cole & Son Woods wallpaper overkill, and something tells me this isn't the finest application. That's going to be one greasy forest after a Sunday morning of bacon and eggs.

All photographs courtesy Oprah.com

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