Call Me Old-Fashioned

I think all designers and decorators have one element that keeps them passionate and inspired with what they do, be it paint colours, furniture or accessories. For me, it's always been beautiful fabrics. We are bursting at the seams at work with all of the fabric that lays around (partially because we don't return the samples...). What started as organized shelf storage has evolved into fabric in drawers, armoires and now, piled on the floor. It helps keep the studio looking artsy.

When I first started working in this field, I was astounded by the prices of fabrics. $50/yard....$200/yard....$800/yard?! Are these people crazy?! I found a Ralph Lauren pheasant-print velvet selling for $1000/yard that looked exactly like the dated fabric on my Grandma's "chesterfield". I mean really Ralph, the name only takes you so far.

But some clients are willing to pay this exorbitant amount for luxurious drapes or a custom sofa, and I must admit, most of the time it shows. A client once called to request a Morris & Co. fabric for her sofa reupholstery. As I cautiously took the fabric information, she said it was called "larkspur". I paused, waiting for the "L as in Larry, A as in apple..." to no avail, to which she blurted "LARKSPUR, LIKE THE FLOWER". Lady, I'm a young girl who considers watering a flower pot "gardening", spell the damn word. Anyways, this funny thing is a larkspur, and the chair above is covered in her fabric. Larkspur. Psh.

And to that end, I have Ms. Larkspur to thank for introducing me to Morris & Co fabrics, particularly their Pimpernel & Embroideries Collections. Traditional and detailed, I think each of these fabrics are such masterpieces that an argument has been made for skipping Fabricland and going for the real deal.

All photos courtesy Morris & Co.


Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Hi! Nice post and I can see why people would like William Morris, but he's just not my thing... Love the very first picture though :-) Love from London x

Jenna said...

Thank you! I agree that it's very over the top for most people! You have a great blog (I am envious that you've lived in Paris!).


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