How Sweet it is...

There's something so sweet and delicate about cherry blossoms. Pale pink buds, slim rustic branches and occasional wisps of small green leaves.

This time of year, cherry trees and branches mark the pages of bridal magazines, but why just enjoy them on special occasions? Wallpaper and fabric companies have begun using the cherry blossom motif in both modern and traditional ways. Beautiful in a dressing room, bedroom room or powder room, ROMO's Seraphine collection makes me drool every time I look at it (below).

I'm not typically a fan of artificial "light-up" plants (who is?), but I thought these branches
were really pretty.

I originally found this picture (below) on Martha Stewart a number of years ago, printed it out and intended on making the DIY project one day. Well, more than a few rainy days have come and gone, and I don't think I'm any closer to creating this for myself but I do LOVE this idea....Paper Cherry Blossom display. Martha has diagrams and everything to make this simple, and I love the effect. Possibly a good craft for kids too? I think those plastic scissors with no blades would cut through tissue, no?

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