Leap Year

Over the weekend, I saw the movie "Leap Year" with Amy Adams. Such a cute, romantic movie if you're in the mood for something light...

Anna (a home stager...very appropriate) sets out to Ireland with plans to propose to her long-time boyfriend on Leap Day; an old tradition from centuries ago. Of course, plans get mixed up, cute guys appear out of nowhere and romance ensues. I won't give the rest away..

As usual, I was keeping my eye on the interiors of these rustic "homes" in Ireland. Granted, these are movie sets, so I thought I'd look out for some of the real thing. The Architectural Digest kind of "real thing". Here are a few (links attached) from my search...

Granted, these aren't the typical suburban homes that surely fill Irish neighbourhoods beyond these green pastures and rugged cliffs. But apart from their luxurious appeal, I love the general simplicity of their architecture. Bright white stucco paired with jagged stonework, all set against a backdrop of rolling hills and water. It seems as though the home is less of a place for opulence, and more of a place to enjoy the land. Indeed, a philosophy for more than just minimalists.

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