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After a year and a half of sharing with you my design musings, I thought it would be fun to show where I (usually) blog from - my bedroom! No glamorous office to report here, but it is a space where I love to come with a cup of tea, cozy up at my desk and bookmark design sites like a mad woman.
Nothing more than $4 in fresh flowers (saw them at the grocery store and couldn't resist...I'm a sucker for fresh flowers) for a pop of colour. Two new dresses (is it spring yet?) from Forever21 and a new bag from Infusion (Etsy) that I can't wait to start using soon. I like to hang new purchases outside my closet so I can enjoy them before my Visa bill comes (just kidding...these items were on budget!). My desk, of course, is a mess and not blog-worthy.
On this grey and chilly snow day, I think I'll spend a good part of the day right here.

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