In a time before Ikea...

Isn't it a horrible thought?  As much as I sometimes put my nose in the air about the finest walnut buffet or delicate crystal chandelier, it's a thought I can only afford to have from 10 to 6.  After I've devoured each page of Veranda, its back to rifling through flyers on the kitchen table, hoping for something I can actually get my hands on.  See: IKEA.

My thought process on Ikea goes something like this...
Ikea = Swedish
Sweden = Beautiful people, even more beautiful design
Beautiful Swedish design = Minimalist, colourful
...and now, Colourful, Simplistic Swedish Design = Josef Frank

I'm embarrassed to admit that I just discovered the brilliant work of architect Josef Frank last week.  Apparently Google even did a Josef Frank 125th Birthday tribute to him last July.  I'm pretty sure I used Google 287 times that day (as usual), so I'm not sure how I missed that...

The creative mind of Josef Frank designed far more than buildings.  In his 81 years, he created wallpaper, fabric, furnishings, furniture and carpet.  But why am I telling you this?  Pretty sure everyone knew but me. 

Josef Frank's wallpaper designs: 

Josef Frank's fabric designs (again, where have I been?):

A few of my favourite Josef Frank furniture pieces:

I'm not sure I could ever a choose a favourite of these toss cushions...

Most importantly, a place to purchase his work:
Just Scandinavian (Tribeca, NY)

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