One Sydney Road

One Sydney Road is an incredible housewares boutique that I've been wanting to blog about for far too long! I first discovered owner Piper's story on the inspiring Makeunder My Life series "Design Your Life". I followed her posts (she recorded her journey for 23 weeks!) as she made her dream of becoming a store owner a reality.

A self-described dreamer, Piper shared with great honesty that her creative good intentions were often squashed by something I can relate all too well with, fear. But her entrepreneurial spirit and love for great design eventually lead her to open up One Sydney Road just six months after her first post...and it's SO great! I was thrilled when I first visited her shop site...jewelry, bags, bowls, tea towels! Piper has selected gorgeous, original pieces to be part of One Sydney Road's shop. I can't help but admire someone who is not only so forthcoming and honest, but who has also followed her heart and pursued her dream!

Be sure to visit One Sydney Road (link is in the Design Studio index under Accessories as well)!


Mademoiselle Poirot said...

It's so inspiring when somebody manages to make their dream come true... I will have to check this one out.

Thanks so much for your lovely comment. The performance was a triumph and I really am so proud of him.

Hope you enjoy your little break from the net too, yes, it is necessary to get away from the computer sometimes... Love from London xo

Making Magique said...

beautiful blog darling!

xoxo Haleigh aka your new fan in Paris

one sydney road said...

thank you for such a beautiful post!!! i'm so honored! and i have to say you have some great things picked out :)!!

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