NEW Design Studio

I'm constantly amazed by the original ideas bloggers come up with - theme days, DIY projects, new finds. Blogging has opened up my eyes to so many great new products, inspirations and talented people and it truly has changed the way I look at design.

I've spent many hours contemplating how I can make The Beautiful Shelter authentic in this vast blogosphere. While I am new to the design community (in reality and in blog), I have been fortunate to see stunningly high-end pieces at work and shop for charming budget-conscious pieces for myself. My exposure to this wide spectrum has shown me that creating your own Beautiful Shelter is less about cost and more about design resources. It seems that knowing where to look and what's available is the hardest part, and this is where we come in!

I've started a listing on the left column called "Design Studio". Categorized by resource, I hope this listing will give you easy access to today's best products!

Where do you love to shop for your home? Do you have a business (Etsy included) selling houseware products that you'd like me to list? Please send me your favourites and I will happily add them!


Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Salut Jenna, I think that's a fab idea! There will always be something new to discover and a "directory" set up on a personal blog always gives a great and personal insight. Have a great week, Love from London xo

Jenna said...

Thanks for your feedback! Directory's the perfect word! If you have any favourites, please let me know :)

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