Playing House

I've always been obsessed with crafts and decorating, so when I finally decided this was my calling, friends and family thought it had only been a matter of time. Let's break down destiny in chronological order:

1992 - My Dad builds a playhouse in the backyard that later becomes, among other things, a giant canvas to take a paintbrush to.

1995 - Santa delivers a President's Choice Dollhouse kit on Christmas morning that is full of splinters and microscopic pieces, but Dad helps me turn it into something cute.

1997 - Hitting an all-time low in career admiration, I dress up as Debbie Travis for Halloween and go trick-or-treating with my very brave friend.

1998 - On a family road trip out east, I map out the blueprints of my "dream home". My brother and I fight and he threatens to tear them up. I cry and save the beloved pages.

1999 - My Mom "grounds" me for the first and last time (a bit of a joke if you know my Mom). I spend the time repainting my entire desk in yellow, periwinkle and cream. What a shame.

Fast forward to today...I'm still online shopping for dream items for my dream house.

Everything here can be found at Tonic Home, an amazing decorating resource that unfortunately only ships to Canada for a premium. Their products are beautiful and unique, and I've chosen a few of my favourites here.

Arabesque Rug - Coral

Trina Turk Outdoor Pillows - $285

Octagon Gourd Lamps

A derivative of the log stool I wrote about HERE.
Twig Stool/Side Table - $210

Cebu Spherical Lamp by Roost

Tide Oil Painting by Oly Studio

Serena Drum Chandelier

Pavillion Side Chair by Palecek - $620

Bungalow 5 Annette Chair
All products can be found at Tonic Home.


Anonymous said...

This is my favourite post so far... all because of the inclusion of the Debbie Travis costume.
I also really like those lamps!


Jenna said...

haha thanksss you faithful reader.....poor thing!

Maybe I'll find a pic of IT this weekend lol

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