A Place to Get Your Hands Dirty

I'm a pretty traditional person. I work for a traditional designer, had a traditional upbringing and make pretty conservative choices. My taste in home decor follows the same lines; classic pieces and warm, cozy spaces. Anything modern normally reads as cold and uninviting to me.

English design company Bradbury's seems to have struck an unusually modern cord in me though. As I searched for exotic kitchen cabinets for a project I'm working on, I came across the kitchen in the photo above. Angels sang and the heavens aligned. I think it's that good.

As it turns out, so are all of Bradbury's other kitchens. Even their bedrooms and furniture are amazing. They've mastered the combination of sleek modern spaces, high gloss finishes and rich exotic woods. These spaces are undoubtedly sexy; quite an accomplishment for a kitchen. But they also look incredibly practical and well designed. Bradbury's little details, like the fuchsia-backed shelf in the kitchen below, are strategic and unique.

Maybe it's worth reconsidering modern design after all?

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