IKEA Takes On the World

I've been scoping out the latest IKEA invention for the last few weeks and can't resist showing you this beautiful home.

IKEA launched a website called LIVE (Ideas & Inspirations) that displays "IKEA homes" all over the world. These are real homes filled with real families, but they all utilize IKEA's latest and greatest pieces without the stuffiness of showroom sets or styling.

The marketing geek in me cringes at this bold move; it feels like The Truman Show meets furniture mass-production. Yet the budget-savvy decorator in me also knows that the world doesn't need another Architectural Digest.

So with these beautiful photos of a family home in Spain, I willingly admit to the genius that is IKEA that I do, indeed, feel very, very inspired.


Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Great post! I don't know why IKEA has such a bad name...I did a post on it a little while ago since I'm rather fond of them. Nobody said you have to furnish your entire house with their stuff, it's all in the mix ;-) Love from London x

Jenna said...

You're right, I'm guilty of picking on them...yet I'm planning a trip there on Friday! I think the reason I loved this Spanish home so much was its original way of using IKEA products. Thanks for the comment!

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