Aren't these photos so inspiring and understated? I came across Jayson Home & Garden through the latest issue of Lonny Magazine! Always an exciting week in the world of design blogging and perusing when they release something new. Anddd it has also been an exciting week in the real world and I'm sadly only on page 32/237 of Lonny's latest...I figure by 5:00 on a Friday it's pretty much assumed you're not working anyways.

So here I am, 205 pages to go, and I'm already distracted by a few things that glitter. Like gold, brass and all the finishes that I now love that I would have adamantly denied a few years ago. Maybe I should go put on a pair of leggings, too.

Wire mesh bags = cute front hall accessory or kill yourself on the way out the door? Reminds me of medieval chain mail....but I like it.
I know, I've restated again and again the up-and-coming log stool/table, but this one is by far the oldest and most expensive at over 20 million years old and $1495. Maybe it's like the shell thing and you hear dinosaurs when you sit on it? I had to.
Okay, back to Lonny.

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