To Your Taste

I'll admit, I'm not the most avid reader. I read 100 books in Kindergarten to get my prize, and then skimmed a little more to get through University, but it's far from my favourite hobby. However, I do love a good coffee table book, or finding a new issue of Veranda on the stands while waiting in line.

The beauty of this art form is that it can be captured so strikingly in photos, and sometimes one small and insignificant item in a picture can be enough to inspire an entire room. I've found that as my interest in design has changed from hobby to profession, I've started to study these "pretty pictures" like textbooks. I evaluate seating arrangements and fabric selections…and I always question the animal print.

I bought Celerie Kemble's book To Your Taste a little while ago, and I absolutely love it. True to character, I haven't finished reading it but I've looked at all the pictures! She has an eclectic and sophisticated style that I find warm and unfamiliar. None of the pieces from her work screams “out of a catalogue”. With bold patterns and colours in almost every space, she offers something both daring and livable. I particularly love that she has incorporated chartreuse green into so many spaces!

I also love that she originally set out for a career in film but made a switch in her early 20s. This gave me a boost of confidence!

If you're looking for a unique reference book from a highly successful designer, take a look at To Your Taste, even if it’s just for the pictures!

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