Cabin in the Woods

When I was little, I used to love playing The Game of LIFE. My friends and I would cheat so we could each fill two cars with kids (I have since rethought that idea) and I always made sure I was first to live in the log cabin. When I was eleven, I drew the “blueprints” to my dream log home, complete with paint finishes inspired by Debbie Travis. It was really just a large rectangle with a few dividers and a set of stairs, but now you have a clear picture of what a cool kid I was!

All these years later, especially when cool autumn weather begins to creep up on us, there seems to be nothing as warm and inviting as the image of a beautiful log cabin. Stone fireplaces, deep sofas in rich distressed leathers and reclaimed wood all provide that cozy, almost romantic, atmosphere. I love that log cabins are unpretentious and rustic in comparison to traditional homes.

"Rustic Redefined", as featured in Architectural Digest April 2009.

‘Rustic’ however, is probably the last word to describe Locati Architects’ custom residences. I first saw their work in April’s Architectural Digest, where an Ontario couple hired Jerry Locati’s team to design their 10,000 square foot dream home. Of course, this is no little shack in the woods. It is an incredible home that blends remarkably with its setting, and the decorating is a beautiful compliment to the architect’s vision. Did I mention I love this home?

Locati Architects website (www.locatiarchitects.com) is well worth a visit to see some of the other extravagant “cabins” they have built, primarily in the Montana and Colorado area. (I keep calling them cabins, but the more I write, the more this word seems like a ridiculous understatement.) I also recommend watching their video biography! Jerry’s family home is featured in the clip.

"Old River Farm", John Locati's residence.

"Cedarview Residence", Locati Architects.

"Beartrap Residence", Locati Architects.

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Jenna, I love this one! I want one of these cottages ..


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