Growing up with parents who share a love of art, I've also grown to appreciate the impact that artist's and their work can have. They have always been admirers of The Group of Seven, and we have numerous prints of theirs in the house. To me, a room doesn't seem complete without art on the walls. It's like leaving the house without jewelry on.....or worse, make-up. Because art is so personal, I think it adds character and individuality.

So we can't all afford Picasso, but I have found an amazing online resource for gorgeous prints in all genres. It's called Soicher-Marin (www.soicher-marin.com). Soicher-Marin began 40 years ago and now has over 10,000 pieces. The great thing about their website is that you can find pieces easily, and then view them framed or unframed. That, and they're pretty affordable!

Hopefully this website comes in handy for you! I've picked a few of my favourites here!

Artist Paul Meadows

After blasting the heat in the car this morning, I'm no longer in denial that it's fall. Although it's my favourite season, the temperature change was a bit of a shock! But then, there's this to look forward to:

"Autumn In The Northland", Franklin Carmichael

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