Swiss Inspiration: The Mountains of Interlaken

I can't resist sharing a few more photos from the trip, and then I promise, I will return to design! This post and next are from our travels through Switzerland, a country I had pretty much fallen in love with before we even stepped on Swiss soil. The overwhelming mountains, saturated colours and traditional architecture made Switzerland energetic and comforting all at once.

This hotel restaurant struck me each time we walked past. The kelly green, canary yellow, greige, wrought iron and brass are such a timeless palette. And timely, too! A flip through my new House & Home magazine today revealed a dijon yellow kitchen with all of these elements. Maybe I'm late to the party?

No, I don't envy the gardener, whom I imagine is starting to look like Edward Scissorhands. But the geometry, contrast, simplicity, repetition. These are all my definition of perfect design.

Of course, there are some things that Mother Nature does best. The untouched landscapes, peaks and crevasses that humble my desire for design perfection.

For me, these rare places in the world are so beautiful and striking that you can't help but admire them simply for what they are. Sometimes there is no literal translation to the design world, just appreciation.

Did I mention I love planes (now helicopters too) just a little? It's dream job #2....after interior design, of course.

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