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All of that Missoni/Target madness last week left me feeling a little hopeless for humanity. What is the appeal in waking up at the crack of dawn, wrestling with desperate housewives and then coming home with a cheap version of the real thing? Then again, I never bought into the fake LV/Coach purse thing. Maybe I'm alone on this, but I was hoping the downward economy showed us we're better than just name brands, quantity and proving ourselves through stuff. My philosophy is quality over quantity. Any takers??

I've found something with wholesome roots to restore the faith, and it's sooo good. It's a magazine called Kinfolk, and it's the sweetest, loveliest e-mag around that celebrates small gathering. With earthy photographs and simple articles on time spent alone, in pairs or a larger group, Kinfolk is a step back from the material world. It's a great reminder that things are really not so important after all.

Read it here: Kinfolk Mag

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