Sweet Lucerne

With every road trip or travel adventure, I always find there is a place that just grabs me and has me thinking, "I am so, so glad we came here". Places I can't say enough good about include: Cassis, France (quaint town in the south of France, need I say more?), Tofino, British Columbia (the most spectacular oceans views) and now, Lucerne, Switzerland. The only research I had done was a quick Google search and a flip through my travel book, so when we arrived at a large train station I was surprised by the size of this city. Clearly I had just looked at pictures and not read, because it's actually one of Switzerland's largest cities. Go me.

Not that that was a bad thing - a pleasant surprise, actually. We were immediately surrounded by remarkable architecture, an unforgettable setting, and even a very expensive meal at McDonald's (starvation hit).

Here is my final collection of photos from our trip! Thanks for sticking around while I deal with back-to-work denial. I've got some AMAZING new design finds to share with you next.

As always, I absolutely cannot wait to return.

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Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Wow wow wow! Incredible photos! Switzerland has been on my radar for ages now but I have never gotten around to doing it. Looks like I need to get over there soon!

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