Exquisite Surfaces

Many months ago, I came across a beautiful spread in Veranda magazine and wrote about it in post "Great Design is Good for the Soul". Well, great design doesn't leave the mind quickly either. Five months later, I can rehearse the flooring in that home faster than my last meal (and that's coming from a girl who loves food).

What stayed with me about Exquisite Surfaces' hardwood, tile, stone and fireplaces were the aged European finishes (I think classic is always best on hard surfaces, leave trendy for all the other spots!). I won't even attempt to describe their remarkable products further, as the installation photos say it best. The only thing I'll say is, I wish I was her.


Matt Brennan said...


What a beautiful collection of images. "Exquisite" is the perfect adjective!!!

I was particularly struck by the court yard with the columned entrance, but that is not to take anything away from all of the other magical settings.

Anna Patricia said...

I was wondering about the second image... I never knew that wood parquet flooring could have an uneven surface!

flooring Houston said...

These are definitely exquisite! Those wooden floors are so beautiful and very classy. The courtyards are also very attractive. Certainly, your house guests and neighbors will be inspired as they see how dedicated you are in keeping your living space warm and cozy. Thank you for sharing!

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