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Appetizer Set, Louise Bousquet.

I seem to be seeing, and loving, great pottery everywhere lately. Architectural Digest, Etsy, the One of a Kind Show (gr..never made it down, but perused their website). I'm not sure why, but coffee always seems to taste better in a beautiful stoneware mug. But why stop at mugs? Vases, trays, appetizer sets, ornaments...so much to love.

Local artisans do it best, but I've compiled a few of my most accessible favourites here.

Snowy-White Flower Bowl Set of 2, Adventures in Clay, Etsy.

Maren Ceramic Collection, Pottery Barn.

Ruffle Collection Vase, Global Views.

Winter Birch Vase, Global Views.

North Sea Cinched Bulb Vase, Global Views.

Brookfield Bakeware, Simon Pearce.

Tripoli & Sparta Vases, Horchow.

Also, new holiday Lonny release today! Click the Lonny Mag link on the left side :)

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Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Salut Jenna. Thanks so much for your lovely comment today. Yours is the kind of comment I really appreciate, when I've managed to inspire somebody.

Now, those pottery items are great. I absolutely love the North Sea Cinched Bulb Vase, it's my favourite out of the lot and perfect. If you like that kind of thing then you should really check out Sinead O Moore at http://sineadomoore.com/index.htm, she's a trader at Greenwich market and makes the most beautiful and delicate pottery items. I hope you like them.

Have a lovely weekend, Love from London x

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