Great Design is Good for the Soul

It sounds crazy, but it must be true? There is certainly something beyond our love of shopping and trends that drives us to create the home of our dreams. It's an expression of individuality, how we live and what's important to us.

When I came across this modern Southern Californian home, I instantly felt relaxed and inspired - qualities that rank high on my list of "great design". This European-inspired space has used layers of neutral colours and natural materials to create a soothing home. After drooling over these photographs, I think this is the key to a Restoration Hardware-inspired look. Use texture as the primary element and pay close attention to the details; everything in a minimalist space will be important. In this space, the lack of millwork helps to showcase the gorgeous windows (LOVE them) and incredible flooring. More to come on the flooring, by the way...it's the most beautiful hardwood I've seen in a while.

Anyways, the Veranda article can be found HERE. As for living a healthy and happy life, I think a well-designed home ranks high on the list. That 'apple a day' thing is a little passe now anyways.

All photographs from Veranda Magazine.

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