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I thought I'd dig out a few more photos from Paris that were design-related. One of the things I loved about this trip was the inspiration....everywhere. I was in a bit of a dreamy mindset to start, but it felt like everywhere I turned, I was muttering, "that would be so cool as a...".

Centre Pompidou, Europe's largest modern art museum, is home to various incredible pieces by the likes of Picasso, Pollock and Warhol. After mistakenly watching a silent film (Did I mention I don't speak french? I should've been more clear when I asked if there were english subtitles...), I needed to wake up and see something exciting. Sure enough, this museum was so awe-inspiring that I wanted to take photos of everything! It opened a floodgate of design ideas for me. I hate to offend any of the remarkably talented artists behind these works of art, but so many of their pieces gave me furniture ideas....so here I go:

Pierro Manzoni
My thoughts: Recreate with fabric has an oversized headboard, vertical or horizontal.

Various designers.
My thoughts: Just as they are. Amazing.

My thoughts: Mobile in a baby's nursery (maybe not over the crib....). With the right lighting, the shadows are subtle artwork themselves.

My thoughts: Small space. Book lover. Double doors instead. Let the exterior pieces act as displayed book shelves.

Low wheels table - love it. Wood top. Larger wheels. In a loft.

Just loved how much visual texture was in this piece, that's all.

More amazing pieces from Les Arts Decoratifs to come!

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