A Victorian Christmas

On Monday night, I finally got around to making one of my favourite blogger's (www.stephmodo.com) recipe recommendation - Fettuccine with Shrimp and Creamy Lemon Sauce. It was delicious and easy to make!

I'm guilty of eating in front of the TV most nights, with a typical rotation of Slice, HGTV and Food Network. But instead, I stumbled across a Victorian Christmas special that was so charming I watched the whole thing. Something about this time has always fascinated me, and the Christmas traditions, crafts, remedies and lifestyle were so humbly embraced by these three fun-loving historians. Visit their website if you're interested in seeing more (I realize I sound like a real old soul by recommending this, but it's worth a browse)!

It made me think about simple, traditional ways to decorate the home that aren't necessarily about sparkles, gold or excess. Here are a few Victorian Christmas-inspired photos from Martha Stewart, Habitually Chic, This Is Glamorous and Little Book of Secrets.

Of course, it's a little late to be changing up the decor for this Christmas, but even a simple touch like gift tags can bring some old fashioned charm. I'm loving these handmade fabric gift tags by Mademoiselle Poirot, and highly recommend visiting her blog and Etsy shop!

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