I really wish I had more little ones to buy for at Christmas (the day will come, I'm sure). I was out and about in the chilly weather today, skipping the malls and instead venturing inside charming shops for unique little items. Found an adorable stuffed toy for our one sweet baby this Christmas!

Then, as always, I finished off at big-box Chapters. I love browsing their design books, stationary and gift section (although I hear they have great novels?...sounds overrated to me...). Now, we can add baby section to that list. I felt like an expectant mother aw-ing at the toys, books, frames...Chapters has the best baby gift section!! I had to stop myself, I really did. My worst nightmare is to become one of those people who puts stuff away for their unborn babies before they're even married. So, I blog. I blog about the cutest children's room accessory around - Zuny's. These faux-leather animal bookends (mostly under $30) are just so darn cute.

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Anna Patricia said...

They look awesome, these are for children of all ages!

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