Coles Notes: Lonny #4

I think Lonny keeps getting better. Their latest "eco" issue had some great items and ideas that I will surely keep on file, but if I must narrow my favourites down, here are The Beautiful Shelter's notable mentions from the latest Lonny Mag:

1. First things first. Let's forget about decorating and just say that this is one beautiful shoe. Made by Kaight.

2. Sometimes I feel like a spokesperson for Restoration Hardware. I seem to spot their pieces from a mile away and I love their unfinished wood/European designs. In fact, if you've ever had a class with me, you've probably noticed that 70% of my furniture/accessory selections have come from RH. While it may look like I'm lacking a bit of creativity, it's really just a case of me LOVING their stuff.

Like this. How adorable.

3. The idea of multifunctional stools/side tables is ideal for so many spaces, and I love Lonny's recommendation. It's a papier mache stool from Green with Glamour.

...and an inexpensive alternative to the amazing Porada options available:

4. The tufting and ruching trend that has quickly grown is one of my favourites. I see this white pin-tucked West Elm duvet cover replacing my very tired one in the not-so-far-off future.

5. This Colbalt dining table by the Cisco Brothers is like an invitation to large gatherings with food, wine and great friends. Loving its versatility.
Just picture it paired up with these incredible Bo chairs (also by Cisco Brothers)
or these fun Wrap dining chairs by West Elm.

6. This piece stood out to me because there's nothing more relaxing on a summer afternoon then laying in a hammock (and if you're like me, taking a nap...). Lonny chose this Novica hammock because "The Rainforest Site will preserve 6,870 sq. ft. of land for each 'Atlantis' Hammock purchased." I thought that phrasing the environmental benefit in square feet was a great way to give it context.

7. What can I say, I love a white kitchen. Even though the modern style and open shelving is not something I'd want for myself, I love how they've given a functional kitchen a farmhouse feel.

8. I thought this was one of the sweetest rooms in the magazine. Is there anything cuter than watching a baby discover their own reflection?

9. I thought this bench was amazing. This is the perfect application for a fabric that is highly detailed (or too expensive) to do on a large piece. Love, love, love it.

10. Within less than a month of posting about this amazing Woods wallpaper, it shows up in Lonny. So of course, it is a favourite of mine too.

Also, a big congratulations to all of the interior design and decorating graduates out there!

Photographs taken from Lonny Magazine, corresponding websites and Elements of Style.

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