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In recognition of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, I've decided to dedicate this post to all things pink! Yes, all things 'home' in every shade from baby girl to wild flamingo pink.

We've all seen those pre-teen bedrooms that look like a can of hot pink paint exploded on everything - fuzzy pillows, satin duvets and a million rhinestones. Maybe this sounds all too familiar to some of you? I've actually found some incredible examples of how pink can make a room look sophisticated and bright without being over-the-top girly. In fact, pink is supposed to add calmness and relaxation to your life!

Any Sarah Richardson fans? I love her shows, and I'm sure you'll recall this Park Hyatt hotel suite she was hired to design for an episode! She's used lots of stripes to soften the deeper shades.

Another incredible designer, Suzanne Kasler, used a deep shade of blush pink on the walls of this client's bedroom. I think it looks gorgeous!

This stunning room from House Beautiful uses brightly upholstered chairs, fresh roses and a pale shade on the walls to create an elegant and feminine living space.

These rooms are definitely bold, and I can see most guys turning their nose up at the pink kitchen shown above, but even small touches of pink are beautiful. Consider these great pink accessories I came across...

Stanley's Young America line makes this casual night stand in every colour under the sun......but for this post, PINK:
Of course, IKEA has its share of colourful accessories, including...

Beautiful fabrics like this for only $6.99 a metre....
Or this adorable lamp for only $29.99...
Doesn't this remind you of a much cuter version of those blue chairs from grade school?
I hope that some of these photos inspire you to add something pink to your house this month! Of course, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation website also has a shopping section of pink items that share proceeds with them.

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