Everything in Moderation

Photo courtesy Sarah Richardson Design

Every time I dream of having a neutral home with layers of all things white, I see something colourful and cheerful that reminds me how fun and playful a home can be. In our climate, what's more suitable? On a cold winter day, is it more comfortable to be in a modern off-white room or a bright eclectic space?

When it comes down to it, the colour palette you choose speaks to the kind of life you lead, and how you think your house should function. Where neutral palettes are often meticulous, organized and mature, colourful schemes feel fresh, casual and youthful. Sometimes a little texture, or the use of natural materials like wood, are all a room needs to feel both clean and casual.

I realize I've drawn on designs from two ends of the spectrum, but take a look at some of these pictures. Which ones are you more drawn to?

I suppose my favourite design is one that requires a little compromise; a little sophisticated, a little fun. The best example I remember seeing of this was in July's InStyle magazine featuring Kristen Bell's L.A. home. She's used primarily neutral furniture with bold prints and bright colours injected in accessories. Love this look!

Check out decorpad.com, apartmenttherapy.com and countryliving.com for more of these pics!

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