If you’re like me, your computer is running at a snail’s pace because of the overload of photographs and music you’ve accumulated over the years. Long after you’ve posted those photos onto facebook, zipped them for your friends, and burned a backup copy onto a CD, where do the pictures go? What use do you have for the goofy “everyone stick your tongue out” pictures, or spectacular landscape photographs from that vacation oh-so-long ago?

Well, you print them out.
And then you stick them all over the wall.

If that were really the case, I would have no hope of making a living in this profession. The truth is, hanging a photo grouping can be harder than it looks. I was just helping someone over the weekend with one, and it was no quick process. You have to keep in mind photo content, wall space, framing and layout. There really is no formula, but like most things in decorating, sometimes “it just looks right”.

Generally, the center of the grouping should measure at 5'. Sometimes it looks great to have all different frames, other times uniformly-painted frames are more suitable. I found some creative ways to think outside the box with groupings here:

One of my favourite photo groupings simply follows a grid and uses identical frames. Here, the unusual square frames look fantastic with black and white photos.

Maybe you're a bit more vain and would prefer a mirror! :) If you're tired of your old photos or love vintage frames, mirrors can make a big impact as well. Personally, I'll just take the orange vase.

Perhaps you caught on to the digital camera phenomenon a little late and don't have many to frame? Just paint the frame and go for an artsy look.

I love this idea, particularly in a heritage home with a tall narrow staircase. What a great place to see them every day.

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback recently, but you have to be pretty brave to commit to a metallic floral print all over the walls. Many paint and decorating stores have beautiful wallpaper samples that are no longer in use. If you can find one that suits your taste, framing it is a great way to create artwork and add colour. Or if you're a die-hard Debbie Travis fan who has sworn off wallpaper for life, frame your favourite fabric!

Unfortunately I don't have a picture (how ironic) of my own small grouping in my bedroom, but I do love it! It's a mix of traveling photos, a small painting I did long ago, a few professional black and white prints and a mix of various frames. I've actually matted a few photos with fabric as well.

Photo groupings are fairly simple and inexpensive, and the best part is they're personal (I know, I'm going all Hallmark on here...). It's a great weekend project or even just a good excuse to revisit all those old photos one more time.

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