Interior Design Illustrated

I've been meaning to recommend this book for a while, and after referencing it (yet again) today, I think it's time!

One of my instructors suggested Interior Design Illustrated by Christina M. Scalise for our rendering class, and I'm so glad I bought it. Not only are there gorgeous pictures to admire, she goes through everything step-by-step - from hardwood floors to mirrors. She uses markers and watercolours in her illustrations, and even suggests particular shades to use for realistic finishes.

At work, I see the value of beautifully rendered drawings to sell a design to a client and help them visualize it. Of course, not all of us are professional renderers, but the skills Scalise teaches in this book are valuable for interior designers, decorators, landscape designers and furniture builders (to name a few!).

It's given me a new appreciation for this art form! Enjoy!

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