A Change of Heart

We spent the afternoon at a beautiful farm today, with everything from pumpkin patches to apple cider (wink*), and I can't help but feel a little bit more in love with fall. It's my favourite season, and I love the beautiful vibrant colours that the leaves change this time of year.

Funny thing is...I really don't like orange (I'm talking jumpsuit orange). On anything but leaves or pumpkins, of course. It's just always been too vibrant and outgoing for anything I'd want to wear or put in my house. I picture psychedelic patterns and 70's bungalows..like:

(My apologies if this is your house....or you.)

Then I saw The Proposal. Only someone truly obsessed with design would look past Ryan Reynolds and admire the beautiful set he was standing in......yes, for some reason I was drooling over the ORANGE. Margaret's office was amazing! She had dark grey walls, white furniture and orange accessories, and it was beautiful. It was serious yet fun, plain yet contemporary.
Since then, I've been crazy about the grey/orange colour combination. I've started noticing it everywhere.....that or navy blue and orange, my second favourite.

While I'm onto orange....my aunt had these beautiful Chinese lanterns (technically "physalis alkekngi") on the dining room table yesterday, and they looked gorgeous. What an easy and elegant centerpiece!

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Anonymous said...

You take the orange accessories, I'll take Ryan Reynolds!

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