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I've been bookmarking sites like it's my job lately. I wish it was, because I've been finding some quality goods.

But there's no use keeping it to myself...I've come a long way from my hogging childhood.  Here's an index of my favourite sites, with a little blurb to get you all excited.

If you're into retro light fixtures for the wall, ceiling, nook and cranny, this is your lighting heaven.  Ideal for cottages, country homes and diners.

Inspiration comes to me from everyday places, and fashion (well, not mine!) is a favourite source of mine.  The colours, artsy photographs - all of it is so refreshing!  This great website shares fashion profiles from very creative, original people and inspires me to be more daring in fashion and design.

When I helped organize my cousin's bridal shower this spring, I could've used some help from Amy Atlas.  As anyone close to me knows, I could eat sugar morning, night and noon...which is why I salivate over every dessert bar on her website.  Incredibly inspiring for children's birthday parties, kids rooms and the sugar-lover in all of us.  And she has a delicious blog too!

As a self-confessed design addict, I'll admit that I scour magazines, blogs, etc in an effort to spot something new and inventive.  Fellow bloggers will surely agree that this becomes challenging.  The same pendant.  The same Restoration Hardware 'stuff'.  Even the same homes being re-shot at times - psh, what a design crime.  Want original spaces?  You will waste weekends on this site, I promise.  It's a location library of homes and venues available as movie sets and photo shoot backdrops.  I will go as far as to say, it may be the greatest inspiration I've ever stumbled upon (thank you Google!).  PS They're based in the UK.

Back with more from the stash tomorrow!

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Cristina @FUJI FILES said...

Off to check these links out. And if ONLY it was a job!

xo Cristina

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