Biting the Bullet

Call me a fool, but I actually enjoy hand drafting.  It's how we were taught (the only way we were taught) in my design program and the mathematical side of my brain found drawing tedious details to be somewhat therapeutic.  But I'm quickly learning that hand drafting doesn't have much credence in the real world.  It's an art, and with that, a job that requires time and patience that most design firms and clients can't afford.  I've tried to put my foot down and proclaim that I will only use hand drafting, particularly if I have my own firm someday, but I've already given up this fight.  Last night, I surrendered my VISA and signed up for AutoCAD courses online.  Don't I sound excited??
I actually am looking forward to this!  It will be something new to learn, another skill to add to the resume and possibly open up doors for me with new design firms.  Wish me luck, as I'm hoping to finish this 4-month only course in under 3 months....we'll see how that goes.  Summertime only comes once a year, after all.

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