We're going on an adventure

I can't hold it in any longer...this lucky girl and her amazing guy are heading off for a European adventure in less than two months!  Let the countdown begin pleaseee.  I'm so incredibly excited and feel like I could hop on the plane tomorrow (minus the whole packing thing).  I caught that darn European Travel Bug in 2008 and haven't lost my lust for it since.

Like my obsession with Europe, I'm also addicted to Pinterest...so why not combine the two?  Here are some gorgeous {Pinterest} photos of the lovely places we will be visiting this summer...




(as pretty as this is, no snow please, Switzerland)
(rain I could live with....with that beauty umbrella)

I would love to hear about any suggestions, recommendations, or amazing deals (flights aside, as these are already booked and I'm trying to ween myself off flight deal hunting) out there!

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