design+ingenuity: Some things should go unnoticed

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
                                                                         Leonardo di Vinci

Imagine yourself nearing the end of a six month kitchen renovation, after more tradespeople than you can count have been in and out of the house, finally seeing the fruits of your time, money and perhaps the odd argument.  The cabinetry is in, the countertops are laid, and the marble slab backsplash you've been dreaming of is finally set in place.  Perfection.  Then just before the last contractor leaves the house, he pulls out the screwdriver and secures Home Depot's $5 white plastic switch plates on every five feet of your Carrera marble bliss.  There's nothing like a practical finishing touch.

Enter TRUFIG, the award-winning flushmount switch plate and outlet cover system.  Camouflaging switches, jacks, outlets and touch panels, this modern invention has a place in even the most traditional settings.

TRUFIG solutions work on stone, drywall and wood applications.  For designers, I doubt that any man-of-the-house wouldn't be completely impressed when a TRUFIG is installed on his custom Plasma built-ins.


And for you Mac lovers....an iPad mount.

 Who said interior designers and engineers can't work together?

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Mademoiselle Poirot said...

YES! I love things like that! So often it's those tiny details that make or break a look - this is genius! Love from London xo

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