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"Functional Family Home" images courtesy Style at Home.

This past Christmas, I received a subscription to Style at Home from my Mom to help me further indulge in my love of design. One of the homes that really impressed me was titled "Functional Family Home".

'Functional' seems to be a very grim word to decorators and designers. It brings creativity to a halt and forces us to come back to the reality that we design spaces where people live - eat, sleep, and watch shows like Jersey Shore or The Bachelor. You would never see the word "functional" in Architectural Digest or another posh home magazine. It's a design killer. An afterthought (well, not really...but we wish). The thing you cross your fingers for, after you've ordered your sofa and coffee table.

I'm taking a Kitchens & Baths Design course, and it's been a huge reminder to me of the importance of function. When I look back at pictures of kitchens I once drooled over, I think "that won't work", and "that's not to code" until suddenly it's not such a favourite after all. So I give designer Samantha Farjo credit for her work in this Toronto home. It has form & function, and even though they've hidden the TV, I'm sure they're no different from the rest of us.

Oh, but I'm not done yet! Seeing this home made me think of Marimekko's incredible textiles. Marimekko is a Vancouver-based concept store with everything from women's clothing to shower curtains. What I love about their products is this mix of graphic art and photography on unlikely items like bedding and mouse pads. Huge love for this tree silhouette bedding. It's got bachelor-in-a-new-loft written all over it.

Bedding and textile photographs courtesy Marimekko Vancouver.

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