Welcome to the Jungle

Okay, not quite. I almost titled it "Going Green", but really, how many times have you heard that phrase now? A reference to old music (my closet obsession) seemed much more fitting.

I really don't have a green thumb, and I'm not even all that interested in having a car-stoppingly (my new word) beautiful front yard with roses and tulips when I own a house. I'm not saying I'd let it grow wild like THIS, but if we were to categorize my "landscape style", I'd keep it simple with something like THIS. Something the neighbourhood lawn care boy could take a John Deere to without worry.

All kidding aside, I give Martha Stewart the award for home gardens. I will never have the enthusiasm or dedication to spending a weekend in the garden that she has, but I do appreciate her love of plants. I've always loved the look of fresh flowers in a home, or a small plant to brighten up a space. And in that department, I consider myself moderately improved. I kept bamboo alive for at least 2 years, and I periodically buy myself flowers.

Over the weekend, I visited IKEA and picked up a few unnecessary things that I love. Before I could get to the checkout, I passed through the plant section and grabbed a few adorable potted plants to give life to my desk and bedside table. I think these photos (taken from Martha Stewart) are all a testament to the beauty of green. Single leaves, small foliage and simple pots can make such an impact in a room. Why wait until spring to enjoy nature again?

Go out and treat yourself to a love fern - single parent or not.

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