Five Good Reasons to Let Go of Chocolate Brown

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I understand that colour trends come and go; hot for one minute, dated the next. But really, the use of chocolate brown was starting to become a sort of pandemic in the world of interior decorating. It became the new blue in little boys rooms, the new taupe in living rooms, and the new beige in just about every other room of the house. I'll admit, I did like the light blue, cream and chocolate brown combination at first; until every home in North America got on the bandwagon. So today, I thought I'd blog about the most sought-after colour in interior decorating today. The colour that will bring us out of the recession. The colour that reminds us spring is around the corner. Yes, the colour Gods have selected none other than.......gray.

Don't get me wrong. I do love this new selection, as long as it's done in a way that uplifts rather than suppresses. At work a few weeks ago, I came across new Villa Nova wallpaper and fabric books and INSTANTLY fell in love. At last, the predominant colour was not brown, but pale and dark grays mixed with soft shades of yellows, lavenders and blues.

Here are the top five reasons why gray is the new brown...

1. It will work in a boy OR girls bedroom, living room OR family room, hallway OR bathroom. Remember how many times you felt claustrophobic in that little chocolate brown bathroom?

2. With the craze to make your home into a spa-like retreat, I can't think of anything more serene and peaceful than a room with white, gray and blue.

3. You can bring out your silver accessories and pewter frames again.

4. Unlike its predecessor, you can go warm or cool with gray.

5. Let's face it. This wallpaper wouldn't be quite so amazing in brown. I'm talking the difference between obsession and nothingness. Kind of a big deal.

If I haven't sold you yet (even though all my reasons were official and professional...but maybe gray isn't your thing), perhaps these turquoise and orange pieces from Villa Nova will be enough to get you excited about life after chocolate brown.


Anonymous said...

Today my parents were discussing how they want to redo our upstairs (pink and gray) bathroom.

They were suggesting colours, and I was saying no. Then my Mom said "we'll just paint it brown". I told her brown is out, gray is in. Hahahaha in your face Mom!

Jenna said...

Haha That's hilarious...I knew I couldn't be the only person who felt this way!

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