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Lately, I seem to be so interested in beautiful armchairs. The oversized rolled arm chair has been replaced with a more simplistic, tailored style; one that emphasizes the craftsmanship of both carpenter and upholsterer. Small casters or slender legs are like the piest de resistance! It seems that to me, right now, there is nothing more glamorous than the sight of such a thing.

I've done a little sourcing of my own, at Lee Industries and Barbara Barry. Sarah Richardson has also won me over with her wonderfully chic Quinn daybed [shown above].

These photographs are all taken from Metropolitan Home's Glamour "Making It Modern" book. I'm sure I've already mentioned how great this book is as a resource for design ideas (and they're not all modern!), but here are a few of my armchair favourites.

(Arm chair....dining chair....I know I'm stretching it, but isn't this a beautiful space!)

This is the cover photo for the book, and I'd love to interpret this design in a bedroom setting.

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